These new Kluson®: pickguard mounting brackets are available as direct replacements for both contemporary and historic Gibson®: Les Paul®: guitars. It is a USA made component with high quality plating to the standards you would expect for your guitar.


Kluson®: string retainers are made to directly replace factory string retainers for Fender®: American Standard®: basses, original Fender®: Basses, Fender®: American Standard®: Series Guitars, and original Fender®: guitars.


Kluson®: exact replacement strap buttons for Gibson®: guitars and our new jumbo sized California Custom strap buttons, made popular by California luthiers back in the 70’s and 80’s.


The Kluson aluminum pickguard shields are designed to fit most American Fender Precision Bass pickguards or 8 hole and 11 hole 3 single coil Fender Stratocaster pickguards. Kluson®: has added the vintage 90 degree blunt tip pointer washer made from steel to it’s hardware line up.  This is a replacement for instruments requiring the vintage correct appearance of the pointer washer under the knobs.