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Supreme Series Tuning Machines

The original vintage production Kluson® Deluxe Series tuning machines were based on a 12:1 gear ratio. In the 1990's following the acquisition by WD Music Products, Inc.® they were upgraded to a 15:1 gear ratio. Still there was a demand for an even higher gear ratio. In response, we have taken the original stamped steel design and added an 18:1 gear ratio for more tuning stability than ever before.

Nearly identical in appearance to the original Kluson® Deluxe tuning machine except the traditional “Kluson Deluxe” double line housing on the Supreme Series has been replaced with “Kluson Supreme”. Vintage enthusiasts can now maintain the look and feel of their classic instrument while enjoying the benefits of both fine tuning and stability that a higher gear ratio offers.

Additionally, the Supreme Series includes the recently released 4 per plate tuning machines for “A” or “F” style mandolin using the original mounting specs from Kluson®s 1950’s era mandolin tuning machines.

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