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Making Tomorrow's History

Founded in 1925 by John Edward Kluson, the Kluson® Manufacturing Company expanded from a small machine shop by building its reputation as the music industry’s premier supplier of tuning machines, tailpieces, brackets, bushings, and other stringed instrument parts during the golden age of guitar manufacturing from the 1940s through the 1960s. After the original Kluson® Manufacturing Company closed its doors sometime in the early 1980’s the Kluson® brand was acquired by WD® Music Products’ VP, Larry Davis, in 1993.

With very little historic information, other than a few old catalogs to work from, Larry Davis made a commitment to rebuild the Kluson® brand, with respect to its historical legacy. He began with the reengineering of Kluson®’s Vintage Stamped Steel Tuning Machines. These new Kluson® tuning machines were historically accurate, technologically improved versions of the venerated stamped steel tuning machines of old, upgraded with higher gear ratios and the finest materials available. This modus operandi was applied to the production of other Kluson® staples, including the #9 tailpiece, and Waffleback® Tuning Machines. Relationships were re-established with most of the major instrument builders and Kluson® began supplying their iconic tuning machines once again for Custom Shop instruments around the world.

Moving the brand into the 21st century, the ever-expanding Kluson® catalog now features many more upgraded versions of both traditional and contemporary tuning machines, As a further nod to the original 1940’s catalog offerings, a large range of bridges, tailpieces, bushings, brackets, and other made in the USA hardware have been added. All with the unwavering quality and historical accuracy that Larry Davis has remained committed to. Returning the Kluson® brand to its place in history has always been the ultimate goal, and that history is being made now.

Reaching the 91st Anniversary of Kluson®, four new series of tuning machines have been added to the Kluson® lineup. These models cater to both contemporary and vintage instrument owners, with improved performance, and require no modifications for installation. The Kluson® Locking Vintage Stamped Steel, Supreme, Revolution (Winner of Guitar World's Best in Show - NAMM 2015), and Vintage Diecast Firebird® Series Tuning Machines represent a new chapter in the history of the iconic Kluson® brand. As the demand for stringed instrument parts continues to rise, Kluson® is designing each new addition with performance, ease of installation, and an apodictic dedication to quality.

  • Original Kluson Manufacturing Plant
  • John Edward Kluson
  • Original Kluson Waffleback Tuning Machines