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Kluson Icon Rebel - Telecaster Neck Pickup RW/RP

SKU: KI-203
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Kluson Icon® Rebel Telecaster® Neck Pickup

The Kluson REBEL is the go-to Tele bridge pickup and wound to compliment to the Twanger for a great Alnico 5 set of Tele pickups. Wound slightly brighter and hotter than the standard vintage Tele neck single coil, it offers fatter mid-range without losing the traditional chime and warmth the Tele neck pickup is known for. This pickup also very easily adaptable when you add pre-amp tubes and pedals for more drive and sustain. For over three decades builders and individuals have been installing this pickup to upgrade and enhance the performance of their instruments.


For Neck, Reverse Wound, Reverse Polarity
  • Magnet Type: Alnico 5
  • D.C Resistance: 7.4Ω
  • Henries: 2.91H
  • E to E Pole Spacing: 54mm
  • Lead Wire Type: Cloth Pushback (yellow and black)
  • Cover Material: no cover
  • Baseplate Material: Fiber Bobbin
  • Coil Wire Type: Plain enamel