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Kluson Icon Typhoon Ultra Distortion PAF Style Humbucker Pickup

SKU: KI-109
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Kluson Icon® Typhoon Ultra Distortion PAF Style Humbucker Pickup

The Typhoon pickup is super beefy and aggressive with a big bass and brilliant top end and of course offers great high gain response. Super pedal-friendly, this pickup really shines in the hard rock and metal genre's making it great for everything from 80's rock/metal to more modern high gain applications. This is a pickup you're really going to want to drive hard and it still cleans up very nicely. This pickup is a sonic duplication of a very highly-praised High Output blade-loaded humbucking pickup developed in the US in 1979. Now available in the Kluson Icon pickup line with some upgrades like a nickel silver flat baseplate so you can mount it in a thinner body electric guitar without having to rout for longer legs.


  • Magnet Type: Ceramic
  • D.C Resistance: 21.5Ω
  • Henries: 10.26H
  • E to E Pole Spacing: 50mm
  • Lead Wire Type: 4 core
  • Cover Material: no cover
  • Baseplate Material: Nickel Silver flat
  • Coil Wire Type: Plain Enamel