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Kluson Replacement Button Set For Revolution Series and Plus Series Tuning Machines

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Kluson® Replacement Button Set For Revolution Series Tuning Machines

This Kluson® replacement button set for Revloution Series tuning machines is available the popular keystone shape common for 3 per side applications, these keystone buttons can also be used for our 6 in line tuning machines. The small oval button shape for 6 in line tuning machines is availbale as well and will also fit in a 3 per side format. Includes mounting screws and a set of 6 buttons.


These replacement buttons will fit the following tuning machines:
Kluson ® Revolution Series and Plus Series Tuning Machines
  • G-Mount
  • H-Mount
  • F-Mount
Grover® Tuning Machines
  • 102-18 Original Rotomatics with 18:1 Gear Ratio (Current production 102 Original Rotomatics require an additional spacer washer between the button and housing due to button shaft sizing. May not fit vintage 102 Rotomatic machines.)
  • 205 Mini Rotomatics
  • 305 Mid-Size Rotomatics
  • 406 Mini Locking Rotomatics
  • 502 Locking Rotomatics
  • 505FV series 6 in line tuners
  • May also fit most Grover tuning machines stamped with either P.W. or HC.