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Kluson® 3 On A Plate Deluxe Series Tuning Machine Tray For Fender® Champion®

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Price $50.00 - $65.00
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Kluson® has reproduced the Fender® Champion® tuning machine plate. It is an exact reproduction of the original and you now have to opportunity to replace your rusty, funky plate with an exact replica. This tray can be installed with the original tuning machines or Kluson®'s reproduction tuning machines. Available in nickel, chrome, and gold.


  • Overall Width closest to the nut= 3.5 in. (88.6mm)
  • Overall Width near top of the headstock= 3.05 in. (77.4mm)
  • Overall Length ctr to ctr= 5.27in. (133.8mm)
  • Length without flange= 4.21 in. (107mm)
  • Width less flange closest to nut= 2.61 in. (66.4mm)
  • Width less flange top of the headstock= 2.17 in. (55mm)
  • Length of flange at the sides of the tray= 0.44 in. (11mm)
  • Length of flange at the top (headstock side)= 0.36 in. (9.25mm)
  • Length of flange at the bottom (nut side)= 0.76 in. (19.3mm)