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Kluson Icon Claymore - Soapbar Bass Guitar Pickups 4/5 string

SKU: KI-000A
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Price $94.95
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Kluson® Icon Claymore Soapbar Bass Guitar Pickups

The Kluson Soapbar 4/5 string Bass pickup has great tonal character and can be used as either active or passive, alone or in pairs. When wired with switching for a series/parallel option, you will have the characteristic click of a Stingray bass and when in series it has the full, round growl of humbucking bass pickups of course adding the benefit of 60cycle hum-cancelling. The full-length bar magnets will accomodate string spacing up to 95mm which includes some 5 string basses and allows you to play as hard as you wish without the fear of pulling a string out of the magnetic field. The widely spaced coils sample a fairly large section of the strings resulting in a tasteful full bass tone for your live and recorded performances.


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