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Kluson Icon Musicman Replacement Bass Guitar Pickups

SKU: KI-000B
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Price $69.95 - $79.95
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Kluson® Icon Musicman Bass Guitar Pickups

The Kluson Musicman Stingray replacement pickup is an answer to many prayers. The Stingray is a modern classic bass but until now finding a suitable replacement pickup has been difficult. Our recipe has full-length polepieces to get every bit of string vibration no matter how hard you play while having similar output and tone to the stock unit. This improved version has enough output to be used passive, without a preamp. for authentic Stingray tone, however, a low impedance buffer preamp is recommended. We also strongly suggest a series/parrallel switch or push/pull pot to get the two distinctly different tones made available by the widely spaced coils in this pickup.


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