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Kluson Icon Classic Strat Hot Alnico 5 Single Coil Pickups

SKU: KI-500C
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Price $58.95
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Kluson® Icon Classic Strat Hot Alnico 5 Single Coil Pickups

This ultra sweet sounding vintage single coil pickup is a reproduction of a Keiyo Japan design. It is very slightly overwound giving a tight, balanced low end response, sweet chimey highs and added midrange. It is an excellent upgrade for any guitar where true vintage tone is a must but with a little more midrange to fatten up solos and rhythm. An absolute must have for blues and funk players. Equipped with staggered pole pieces and also available in RW/RP version for noise cancellation. It responds great with pedals. These are also great ""mix and match"" pickups with the 54 and 57 versions so you can build a true calibrated set or build it as originally intended with a 3-way switch and 3 of the same type. We use real Formvar wire combined with Alnico 3 pole piece magnets to give you the tone of an aged pickup right out of the box.


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